"We are creatively driven professionals in the industry known as "Concierge" and "Lifestyle Management" ...

Paganini Event Group

Paganini Event Group provides consultation, concept and strategy development, event management, shipping logistics and event production services, to social events, corporate entertainment, music events, and product launches. We are experienced and specifically well versed in resort oriented corporate events, power sports, and ocean sports events that deliver value to our client's specific goals, strategies, and objectives.

Our destination development team is one of the best at developing "Induced Tourism"- the additional tourism (guests) that occurs, after an event, as a result of the exposure created.

Paganini Event Group works "transparently" as the client's production department, yet we maintain full independent contractor status at all times. Our production services team is a licensed seaport-contractor within the Port of Miami, USA. All key personnel have TWIC credentials and Port Security clearances. We maintain US Customs Bonds and all appropriate Commercial Insurance Policies including Equipment Liability, Event Liability and Workmens Comp.

Paganini Event Group has a good history of performance with our clients on the "main-land" as well as various offshore destinations. We are experienced in the air and sea transport of event production elements including trade displays, concert sound, sensitive electronics, motor coaches, satellite up-link systems, TV production trucks and the technicians that make it all work.